Intel CPU Museum
This is an online display of Nikko Cheng's private Intel CPU collection. The collection includes Intel's first product, the world's first microprocessor to latest Intel products. Because similar CPU related information is widely available on various sites in English and German, the showcase intended to introduce the first Traditional Chinese(BIG-5 by Taiwan) exhibition. However, an English version of the trade list (both wanted and for-trade) is also avaliable for folks who cannot understand Chinese.

Online Text Utilities
This section provides useful text utilities ranging from various format converters, text formatters to encrypt/decrypt tools. No software installation or plug-in required; you only need a modern web browser that supports JavaScript/AJAX. That means you can use them on any computer, even the ones at internet cafes or libraries.

Video Compression Comparison
This video compression comparison was done in September 2003. We used a short piano performance clip to demonstrate how different video compression settings affect the quality of a video clip. This experiment was originally designed for a piano recital promotional website project.

JavaScript Photo Album
This project demonstrates how a client-side photo album can be accomplished by using JavaScript. This album application generates a preview thumbnail table and a separate photo display page for each subject. This on-fly, client-side photo preview table generation is also useful against site-grabbing software since the true image location is not hardcoded in the HTML source code but generated on-fly.
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