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Cindy's Farewell Party @ Ken's Place
This was wildest drinking party on Xmas eve (2006/12/24). People in the party include: Nikko Cheng, Nicko Chao, Ken Tsai, Lucy Kuo, Christina Chen, Roger Cheng, Cindy Wang, Belinda Liu, Ryan Chu, Ryan Jr, Emily, Miho, Catherine, Eric, Alfie.
2006 Spring Break Cancun Trip
Cancun, Mexico is a beautiful place with friendly people. It is so hot there: both weather and girls. People in this trip: Nikko Cheng, Nicko Chao, Kate Chang, and Ronnie Chang.
My Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan
In celebration of anniversary, I decide to showcase my car here: Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan. Those photos were taken on the day I bought my car.
Junior High School Class 069 Reunion
On January 8th, 2006, total of 23 people of class 069 of junior high school division of The Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University met together after 12 years. People appeared in the album are: Lecturer Xiang-Hui Long, Da-Sheng Yu, Yu-Ming Chung, Qi-xuen Lan, Bing-Rong Ho, Shu-Ting Hsu, Huang-Ching Lin, Pei-Jung Lin, Yi-chun Lin, Jie-Fu Cheng, Xu-Ting Liu, Fong-Jia Chang, Cheng-Jia Yen, Show-An Chang, Yu-Chi Pong, Chu-chun Liang, Yu-fen Chen, Nikko Cheng, Ling-Ju Kou, Jian-Hong Kou, Ji-wen Kou, Shi-Hao Liu, Xien-En Kim, and Zong-Han Li. (The translation might be inaccurate due to the difference between Hanyu Pinyin and the old Taiwanese Pinyin system)
Also, On January 26th & 27th 2006, Chia-Lin Yang, Ming-Yi Chung, Tu Hsiang and Jet Wu had Mini-Reunion in the New York City, USA.
Junior High School Classmate Visit
Two of Nikko's junior high school classmates came to San Francisco and stayed in his place. These two pretty girls are: Conse (Jia-lin) and Maggie.
Nikko's House Party in August 2002
A group of Taiwanese friends were invited to Nikko's house. People appeared in the album are Nikko, Peilun, Ali, Crystal, David, Sophia, Emily, Alice, Samantha, Joan, Ellen, Groundhog, Charlemagne, Tiffiny, Ammie, Ken, and Arial.
Party in Samantha's House Feb 2003
Samantha invited her friends to have a party in her house. People appeared in the album are Nikko, Peilun, Ben, Alice, Den, Samantha, Charlemagne, Tiffany, Yvonne, Johnny, Jeff, Yilin, Jeniffer..etc.
Party in Church & KTV
Thanks FUPC for a wonder Lantern Festival Night in First United Presbyterian Church of San Francisco. Also, thanks to TCSA for the KTV Party. Sorry that too many people appears in the photos which I cannot list all the names here.
Ski Trip in Lake Tahoe 2003 Spring
Ski trip in Lake Tahoe. Members in this photo includes: Nikko, Charlemagne. Joe, Yvonne, Cannan, Tiffany, Samantha, Alice, Johnny, Jeff, Oliver, and Sam.
Dennis and Brenda Chen's Wedding on Maui, Hawaii 2003
A luxury wedding trip in Grand Wailea Resort on Maui, HI from Oct. 22 2003 to Oct. 26th 2003. Super fun and special thanks to Dennis, Brenda, and all other friends who made this wedding successful. Members in this photo includes: Nikko, Brenda, Dennis, Louie, William, Vivian, Leona, Joan, Coco, Howard, Ariel, Iven, Steven, other friends and relatives.
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