About Us is a global application designs and services company whose mission is to develop ideas into effective computer applications. develops and provides the world's leading custom application designing services for both consumers and enterprises. It has experience in creating, launching and maintaining various applications and services since 2000. The success of the company comes from its clear understanding of the dynamic internet market and the company's ability to recognize market needs.'s rapidly-growing portfolio of products defines new levels of innovation in the company's three key areas of focus: Web Solutions - delivering various web-based services including presence/multimedia design, database and scripting development; Mobile Applications - providing utilities and entertainment on mobile devices in the most compatible standards in the industry: J2ME and Microsoft .NET Compact Framework; and Microsoft Windows Solutions - providing cost-effective custom-designed applications for home and business.

MyNikko'com is also involved in programs to enrich the lives of the people in the communities by hosting research and educational projects. These projects and programs are specially designed to demonstrate and educate people about computers and technologies through unique exhibits and presentations on our website; sample programs include a world-class Intel CPU Museum.

Executive Team

Nikko Cheng
Chief Executive & Operating Officer

Nikko Cheng is the founder and system administrator of
Harry Cheng
Chief Financial Officer

Inga Lee
Vice Financial Officer

Ben Hsing
Quality Assurance & Technology Adviser

Shao-Hsin Chao
Marketing Search Counsellor

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