File Trimmer

File Trimmer is a simple utility that can trim a file into any size you want. File Trimmer also have a split function that can let you divide a file into two with just few clicks. File Trimmer is small, simple, and free of charge.

Download (w installer): trimmer10_setup.exe (395KB)
Download (w/o installer): (115KB)
Version: 1.0
Last Update: 2002/12/05
File Size (w/ installer): 395KB
File Size (w/o installer): 115KB
License: Freeware*
Developer: Nikko Cheng
Minimum Req: Windows(All)**
* For educational and non-commerical personal use only.
** File Trimmer is written in Microsoft Visual C++ .NET.
Introduction - Why File Trimmer?

File Trimmer can let you split, chop, cut, trim or whatever you want to call it with your files. Often, you just need to get rid of those nasty file headers or footers after you downloaded from a free hosting site. With File Trimmer, you also can fix a file that has problem resuming your download by trimming it's damaged tail away. While similar programs like File Chopper charges you US$12.00, File Trimmer is completely free; why bother to pay when you just need to get the simple job done?

Manual - How to use?
It's easy! Simply:
  1. Execute File Trimmer
  2. Click on "Open" to open the file you want to trim (ALT+O)
  3. Click on one of the options to select which part of the file you want to trim
  4. Click on "Browse" to pick the desired saving location (ALT+R)
  5. Select the desired file unit
  6. Either input or move the slider to get the desired among of data to trim
  7. Click on "Start" (ALT+S) to start the operation
  8. Click on "Exit" (ALT+E) to exit the program
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